Loopcloud 6 is here, and it comes with a host of new features so you can find the perfect sound, faster. Loopcloud continues to advance the future of sample subscription services with AI-powered harmonic and rhythmic sound matching from Jamahook, similar sound recommendations and adjustable audio search filters. Additional updates include three new effects, AI-tagging for user content, intuitive export options and more. Loopcloud 6 inspires producers with new sounds, fresh ideas and unexpected musical directions.



Find your flavour

That perfect sound that’s floating around in your head is now easier to find, thanks to Loopcloud’s new Audio Filters. Use the Tone, Length, Stereo, BPM, Swing, Rhythmic Density, Attack, and Decay sliders to find the characteristics you need, whilst setting specific ranges for each category to narrow down your search.

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The perfect match

Now you’ve found that elusive sample, build upon that idea with sounds that match it harmonically and rhythmically. With help from the “sound-matching” algorithm from Jamahook, Loopcloud will search through its own library and your collection to find samples and loops that will work seamlessly with your source sound. Warning: this isn’t a cheat code for making music, but it will spark creative ideas and eureka moments. 

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Switch-up similar sounds

If you hear a sound where the vibe is just right, but the sample doesn’t quite fit your needs, simply click ‘Find Similar Sounds’. This unique feature will instantly show you a collection of similar alternatives to find the missing part of the puzzle.

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Additional effects and patterns

Loopcloud’s effects rack has been extended, with the addition of three new effects: EQ, Tonebox and Compressor. The parameters of each effect can be tweaked to your taste, or you can choose between a variety of instantly inspiring presets. New creative patterns have also been added to build imaginative arpeggios, basslines, rhythms and more.  

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Export how you want

Every producer has their own workflow, so we’ve updated our export options to let you choose what works for you. Drag sounds straight into your DAW with the Export button, or click and copy to your clipboard to choose the export options that you like. Loopcloud will even remember your favourite preferences. Exported sounds can be processed, unprocessed, grouped, or even separated into individual tracks within your DAW – it’s up to you. 

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Step into the dark

While other people sleep, musicians are often at their most productive. With this in mind, we’ve introduced a slick new Dark Mode to help you stay creative long into the night. 


Other new changes

AI auto-tagging for user content

Export update

Coloured tags are back

UX updates to auto-key

Purchase packs with your credit card within Loopcloud

Further search upgrades



If you have any feedback, issues, or questions about Loopcloud 6, please get in touch with our Support Team at support@loopmasters.com