You may notice that when you upgrade to Loopcloud 6, Loopcloud re-analyses the user-content in your Library. You'll see the progress of this in the bottom-left corner of the Loopcloud application in the status bar: 

Loopcloud 6 has added a range of new features that use AI and analysis of audio attributes such as using the Audio Filters and Find Similar Sounds, which require your sounds to be re-analysed. 

This will only happen the first time you open Loopcloud after updating to Loopcloud 6. The speed at which this completes will depend on the amount of user-content you have imported to Loopcloud. It's advised that you leave this to run the first time you update (you can use Loopcloud while this runs in the background).

If you have any questions about this process please get in touch with our Support Team at - we'd be happy to help.