Loopcloud DRUM 1.5 has some useful extra features when saving kits. 

Save patterns will save a MIDI and Loopcloud DRUM pattern file. The MIDI file can be used to trigger DRUM or any other plugin from your DAW. The pattern file can be loaded back into Loopcloud DRUM. Drag and drop the pattern file from Loopcloud standalone application into Loopcloud DRUM GUI to load it. 


Save audio mixdown will save an audio file of the mixdown of your preset. It’s important to note that this audio mixdown method is different from using the audio export function. If you re-save and overwrite your kit, your audio mixdown will also be overwritten. If you are randomising or editing your kit and want to create a number of audio mixes, it’s better to use the export feature, which will allow you to create multiple versions of the audio. 

Collect all samples will put all the one shot samples used in your kit into a folder. This is really useful if you want to take these samples created during kit randomisation and then use them in a different drum machine (hardware or software!) or in your DAW. 

All samples and files created from saving a kit can be found in your Loopcloud library in the Loopcloud Drum folder:

If you have any further questions about Loopcloud Drum at all please get in touch with our Support Team at support@loopmasters.com - we'd be more than happy to help.