There are a few different ways to narrow down your search in Loopcloud once you've made your initial search, each of which may get you closer to finding the perfect sound for your project. Let's start with a search for Kick in Loopcloud:

A search for Kick also automatically adds the WAV tag if the WAV filter is turned on in the search filters. This is recommended if you don't want to see results for patches, Apple Loops or Rex2 files. This search has returned 142,961 results, so it may be wise to first filter to just Store results to show files that you don't already own. You can do this by de-selecting the Library filter: 

You may then want to find only Kick Loops, or only Kick One Shots. This time we'll search for Loops only by clicking on the Loops filter

This narrows our search down to 37,300 results. Let's filter down further! It may be that you'd like to find Kick Loops in a specific style, so it'd be a good idea to select a Genre tag from the Genres menu. 

Let's add the Lo-fi Hip Hop Genre tag to narrow our search down further:  

We now have a much more manageable 491 sounds to listen to and preview in our session, but what if we want to filter down further? If you really like a specific Label's work you can then select their tag from the Labels menu. 

Let's go ahead and select APOLLO SOUND from the list to narrow our search down further: 

You can also add a BPM to your search, by typing in the BPM of your track (This isn't 100% necessary, since Loopcloud will automatically time-stretch sounds to the tempo of your project when connected to your DAW). To do this, just type your desired BPM and then click either exactly, +/- 2 or +/- 5 to make your search:

We now have a much narrower list of results to preview, which may contain your perfect sound!

If you're searching for a tonal sound, for example a Lo-fi Hip Hop Guitar Loop, you may also want to select a specific key. To do this, either type the Key you'd like to choose (much like when selecting a BPM), or select it from the Audio Filters sidebar (Again, this isn't 100% necessary, since Loopcloud will automatically pitch the sounds to your desired key when you use the Auto-Key feature)

If you're finding that adding more tags to your search isn't narrowing your results down, it may be that you have Wide Search Mode turned on. To change this, just navigate to the dropdown menu in the top-right corner of Loopcloud, hold down the ALT/Option key and click on Preferences. This will reveal the Advanced Preferences, where you can turn the Narrow Search preference on: 

If you have any further questions about Loopcloud at all please get in touch with our Support Team at - we'd be more than happy to help.