Auto-key, or Key Lock, allows you to transpose any sample in Loopcloud to the key of your project automatically. This is great for finding that perfect vocal or melody line to fit your track, or to build the foundations of a new track in the multitrack.

First you'll need to select a sound. Let's take a vocal from the TD Audio - Vocal Pop Magic pack, as an example here:

The sample is in the key of F Minor, but you can use the auto-key feature to transpose the sample to the key of your project.

All you need to do here is select your project’s key from the dropdown list in the editor section, and then hit the KEY LOCK button. You’ll see in the screenshot below that Loopcloud has now automatically transposed the sample up two semi-tones:

This is great for auditioning new sounds for your project, and this will even work for sounds you haven’t purchased yet, so you’ll know exactly how a sample will sound in your project before you spend any points.