Once you’ve purchased and downloaded a sound in Loopcloud, the export buttons will appear, and you can drag from these buttons to an audio track or sampler in your DAW, or a folder on your computer.

The Original button will export a sound without any additional processing, editing, pitch or tempo changes - as it comes when you purchase the file. This is great if you’d like to do all of your processing and editing inside your DAW. The Original button will only export the sound on the track you have selected.

The Processed button will allow you to export your sounds with any additional processing, editing, pitch and tempo changes that you may have made. Again, you can drag straight from this button onto an Audio Track or sampler in your DAW. The Processed button will export all the sounds in your multitrack in one file. You may find this useful, however you may want to export these sounds individually instead. To do this, just hold Option or Alt while dragging.

You can also click the buttons to the right of the Original and Processed buttons to copy sounds to your clipboard, to be pasted into a folder on your computer, or into your DAW.

You can also export downloaded sounds directly from your Library tab, or from search by dragging straight from either your Library or search. This will export the original version of the sound, again without any additional processing, editing, pitch or tempo changes.