Loopcloud 5.2 now offers a huge boost in performance (up to 10 times faster) when performing searches of purchased and imported samples. 

What you need to know:

To achieve this new search performance, we’ve made big changes to the database format.  After installing the update, and launching Loopcloud, it will create a backup of your existing database and upgrade your database to the new format. Depending on the number of samples in your collection this update could take a few seconds or several minutes. 

What you need to do:

Download Loopcloud Pre-Release (5.2) here.

It will not be possible to go back to the previous 5.1.x version of Loopcloud without a backup. 

We do automatically create a backup of your database, but you may wish to create your own backup if you have added lots of user content or have custom tagging.  

On Windows, your database is stored in %APPDATA%\Loopcloud

On Mac, your database is stored in /User/your_login_id/Library/Loopcloud

In order to backup your database, just copy the folder named using your email address to another location on your computer. This folder contains your database files.

If you have any issues and need to revert back to the previous version of Loopcloud, you can do this by closing Loopcloud and then replacing the folder named using your email address in %APPDATA%\Loopcloud or /User/your_login_id/Library/Loopcloud with the folder that you copied to another location on your computer.

Other changes in 5.2:

  • Improved user interface graphics and fonts 

  • Improved support for non-Latin character sets

  • Non-Roman characters should display in filenames on Windows

  • Fixed problem where the Cymbal tag didn't show hi-hats in product packs

  • The first lines of search now mix store and library results

  • Fix for duplicate files in search results 

  • Fix for missing export-processed button

  • Soloed track now exports with track filename instead of a generic one

  • Export ignores muted tracks when deciding on rendered loop length

  • Improved zoom in behaviour

  • Major overhaul of analysis and scanning code for performance

  • Automatically prioritizes analysis for files you are viewing

  • Analysis now processed up to 2hr long audio files and does not consume as much memory when processing long files

  • Fix for rare bug where audio player locks up after purchasing or downloading a file

  • Fix for UC04 error

  • We have temporarily disabled analysis of RX2 files, a bug in code provided to us for reading these causes a crash when corrupt RX2 files are encountered!

  • Multiple other bug fixes and performance tweaks


If you have any feedback, issues, or questions about the Loopcloud 5.2 Pre-Release please get in touch with our Support Team at support@loopmasters.com or by clicking the New Support Ticket button at the top of this page – we’d be more than happy to help.