The following instructions detail how to move your Loopcloud user content onto a new computer. This will include user-added tags. This will also work for moving your Loopcloud user content from a PC to Mac and vice-versa.

Before you start, it is recommended that you make a backup of your Loopcloud library database file. In order to do this, while holding the Alt/Option key click on the top right menu in loopcloud, hover over Advanced and then click on show user library folder. Open the folder called Loopcloud, and inside there will be a folder called [Your Email Address]. In that folder is a file called Local.db. Make a copy of this file completely separate for safe keeping, as this will allow you to restore your Loopcloud Library if you need to.

Once you have backed up your Loopcloud library database file, follow these steps below to move your Loopcloud user content to your new computer. 

 1. On your current computer: Highlight all your user content in your Loopcloud library, right click on one of the highlighted folders, and then click Remove From Library. This deleted content will be logged into a new file called archive.db.

2. Completely close the Loopcloud application.

3. With the Loopcloud application still closed, go back into your User Library folder (the folder called [Your Email Address]) and make a copy of archive.db file and move this file onto your new computer.

4. On your new computer: Ensure that your Loopcloud user library doesn't have any of your local files/samples listed. If it does, remove them. This is the same process as on your current computer -   highlight all the local content in your Loopcloud library, right click on one of the highlighted folders, and then click Remove From Library.

5. Once you have ensured that the Loopcloud user library on your new computer doesn't contain any of your local files/samples, completely close the Loopcloud application again.   

6. Open the User Library folder on your new computer and replace the existing archive.db file with the archive.db file from your old computer. 

7. Reopen the Loopcloud application on your new computer, and re-import your user content folders by dragging them into your Loopcloud library. Loopcloud will recognise the samples you import from the archive.db file and re-apply your user-added tags. It is recommended that you re-import your user content in small chunks to ensure that your user-added tags are applied correctly.

Your Loopcloud library on your new computer will now contain your user content and your user-added tags.