Loopcloud now has both a light and dark modes.

Light mode is the default look, but if you want to change the look, go to preferences.

Then locate the 'VIEW' section and select the Dark from the Colour scheme from the drop down menu. 

Press CLOSE to go back to the main page and now Loopcloud will be much easier on the eye when working in low light settings.

Coloured Waveforms

If you select Dark mode, you also have access to coloured waveforms.

In preferernces, Enable 'Multicolour Waveforms'

Then when you return to the main view, the waveforms will show various colour gradients between blue and yellow.

Blue indicates lots of high frequency, e.g. a hi-hat.

Yellow indicates lots of low frequency, e.g. a sub bass.

And, as you can see in this FX riser, the colour changes from yellow to blue as the freqencies in the sound change over time.

So now it is much easier to 'see' the sound in the list of search results before hearing it.