Loopcloud is the complete solution for browsing auditioning and managing all your samples.

You can download the app for free, or subscribe to unlock pro features and a monthly points which can be used to get more samples. Along with the monthly points, you get access to pro features in the app, like multi-track previewing of samples, FX and cloud storage for you own samples.

A detailed list of features can be found HERE.

With Loopcloud’s revolutionary Editor, you can slice, edit and reverse samples into unique patterns, and then audition any loop or one-shot with the same edits you’ve made. All before downloading anything or even touching your DAW.

Choose a loop in Loopcloud and you’ll be able to cut, drag, reverse and re-arrange the sound, transforming it into a totally new pattern – whether you own it or not. Once you’ve found an edit that works, you can use that same pattern again and again with any sample in the entire Loopcloud store or your personal library of samples.

Control the volume for individual slices to create builds or accent templates for any sample; move audio within a slice to add swing and groove or microscopic re-timing; reverse individual regions within a pattern and apply fades; crop individual drums to isolate hits from loops, and rearrange them to create rolls or fills from multiple root loops.

You can now add FX to any one shot, loop, or any individual slice. Choose from Filter, Reverb, Delay and other FX, and automate the parameters to create your own variations of your sounds. 

With the option to download the edited sample or the original, this will change the way you work with samples.

Loopcloud was always a browsing powerhouse, but it’s now a deeply creative tool as well!