Below are explanations to the error message you may receive when using Loopcloud Local User Content.

UC01 - Folder does not exist - This is a rare error that get if you somehow tried to add a folder that Loopcloud cannot see. This may have happened by dragging a folder to Loopcloud that is being used by another program which has deleted that folder. Please close other program and re-add the folder. 
This may also happen if you drag a folder from a folder view in another program. Please add folders from Windows Explorer / OSX finder. 

UC02 - Only directories can be added - You cannot add a single file as user content. You must add folders instead.

UC03 - Long Path Found (Windows specific) - there are issues with long path names on windows machines. Please do not add folders that are sub folders of other folders. If Loopcloud detects that the folder level is too deep, you will need to move that folder to a higher directory. 

UC04 - Cannot add folder twice - This is caused if you try to add a folder that is a sub folder of the already added folder or vice versa.

UC05 - Unsuitable folder - You tried to add the Loopcloud Library folder as own content. 

This happens if the user has set the Loopcloud Library folder (under preferences) to be in the same folder as your own sample folder. 

Please move the Loopcloud folder to a different folder - you need to move the folder on your disk first, then open Loopcloud and change the Library folder in Preferences to the new location.

UC06 - User content folder removed or renamed - This is shown when you load Loopcloud and Loopcloud detects that you have moved or removed a user content folder.

This is going to happen if you unplug an external drive or perhaps disconnect from the network drive that had their samples on it. Loopcloud will remember the details, but the folder will be shown with a different icon and none of the previews will work.

To correct the issue, replace the drive, right click on the missing folder(s) and select ‘Re-index this folder’

If replacing the drive does not fix the issue on windows. Check if the drive has been added with the same drive letter. To fix this: Go to control panel, system and security, administrative tools, computer management, disk management to select the drive with the label you created by right clicking on the drive, select change drive letter and paths and assign the volume to a specific drive letter. It will always mount to that drive letter if it is available.

UC07 - This is not really an error, but a notification saying that you have chosen to remove a user content folder. Any tags created will be archived and stored linked to the fingerprint (SHA256 hash) of the removed file. 

Later, when any new files are added, their fingerprint is compared to the files and the tags are restored and assigned to the new file.  Fingerprint scan will take a little while so please wait for your tags to come back.

UC08- You may see this message if you try to perform certain actions before it is ready. The amount of time is relative to the number of folders that you have, so this will only be seen if you have a large user conent folder and you try to make edits before Loopcloud has scanned it.