Do I need a Loopmasters account to use Loopcloud?

Yes, you must use your Loopmasters account, or sign up for one. 

Do I need an internet connection to use Loopcloud?

Loopcloud streams your audio files from cloud servers. Which means to use Loopcloud and the store, you need to be connected to the internet.

We stream compressed audio - but it's still good enough quality for previewing. The speed at which you hear previews depend on the size of the file, and your internet speed. If you've got >10 mbps, then you''ll be fine for most tasks. Of course, the faster your internet, the quicker loopcloud will go.

Downloading files to your computer means that you'll get the file in full (e.g. 44.1 kHz, 24bit wav) on your HDD. Now you're previews are instant, high quality, and they will work offline.


What quality are the sample previews on the store?

The sample previews are data-compressed and we've add some gentle white noise noise and atmospheric bird noise to all sounds in the store. This will allow you to get a very good idea of how the sound works in your track, but once you have purchased the sound, you will hear the full quality sound without any additional noise.

Where are my samples stored? 

All the samples you've ever bought from Loopmasters and the Loopcloud store are on our cloud servers. You can download one, a few or all of them to your computer whenever you need them.

Files are saved to:

Mac: Mac HD > [User Name] > Library > Loopcloud > Library
Windows: C:> Loopcloud
Loopcloud Cloud Storage depending on level of subscription

Can I store my own samples in Loopcloud? 

Yes! Import your own samples and Loopcloud will automatically tag Key, BPM, Instrument and Type providing they are labeled well.

Can I use my samples purchase from

No, this feature is not yet available, but we're working on it.

Are all of Loopclouds samples royalty-free?

Yes. You’ll have a full royalty-free license for every sample that you download from Loopcloud. Any samples that you purchase with points - or through your free quota - are yours for a lifetime. Click to read our full license terms

If I don’t spend all of my points do they rollover?

Yes your points never expire and rollover as long as your subscription is active. If you cancel your account or your subscription lapses your points are frozen for 180 days and will be added back to your account if you return in that time period, otherwise they will expire 

What computer platforms and music software is Loopcloud compatible with?

Loopcloud is for Mac and PC. The software works in standalone mode or via our VST Bridge. This directly connects to any music software with VST support: Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase, Propellerheads Reason, Fruity Loops, and any other VST compatible products.

Do I get free sounds?

We have changed the way you get access to free sounds in Loopcloud and made it much better! Rather than getting sounds only from the latest packs we have now given you access to free samples from nearly all the packs available in Loopcloud – totalling over 25,000 sounds and growing daily. Simply find a pack that you like and click the “free” tag in the product header to see the free sounds for that pack, or type “free” in the search box to get a more customised list. Free users get 1,825 free sounds a year, and Pro users get 18,250! See pricing page for more details on daily limits per subscription level.

What are the Exclusive Sounds?

We are working with top labels and artists to bring an expanding selection of exclusive sample packs, sounds and expansions to Loopcloud. These products are not available anywhere else – even at So if you are looking to access something unique use the exclusive filter tag in the search box, or browse the exclusive packs from the home page.

What happens to my points, sounds and files if I cancel or freeze my subscription?

Any samples that you have bought within Loopcloud or Loopmasters remain yours forever. You can access your samples via the free version of the app and website. If you cancel your subscription, we’ll keep any content that you’ve stored with us in the cloud for up to 90 days, after that which time your stored files may be deleted. Your points will be frozen for up to 180 days, and if you return in that time they will be available to you once again, we will email you 30 days before they expire, and hope you will return to the Loopcloud subscription.

Can I use Loopcloud on multiple machines?

Yes. You can use it with as many computers as is permitted for your subscription level, currently that is 2 machines unless you choose Professional level which includes 4 machines.

What are the limitations of Loopcloud’s free version?

The free version of Loopcloud still has much of the same great functionality as the paid version. All of your purchases from Loopmasters, plus any additional sounds from your own collection, can be added and tagged. The free version includes two tracks instead of eight and doesn’t include effects adjustment or the ability to search and download samples individually with monthly points. It doesn’t pitch edited regions or allow users to expand the range of content for the Loopcloud Plugin suite of VST instruments.

If my Hard Drive fails will I get everything back?

Data is safer duplicated; it’s unlikely that more than one copy of it is lost at once but cannot be guaranteed. Uploading your data to Loopcloud is a great way to duplicate your sample library. Any samples stored in the cloud library will be available – subject to our terms and conditions, and all of the products you have previously bought at Loopmasters, your local files would be at risk if you have not duplicated them.

If I delete files from my computer will they remain in the cloud?

If you have copied them to your Cloud Storage folder, then yes. Also any purchases you have made from will always remain in your Loopcloud account. Only files you have tagged locally and not added to cloud storage risk being lost in this scenario.

Is Loopcloud private and secure?

Your data is passed using secure protocols and backed up to our secure Amazon servers using the latest technology and security measures. View our Privacy Policy for more information.

Are the tags saved?

Yes, and they are replicated to other machines attached to the same account.

If I edit on a different computer will it change everywhere?

Loopcloud storage works like a network drive. If you make changes to tags or change which files are stored then it will be updated on all computers. However, if you _edit_ the content of a file in storage you will be editing your local downloaded copy of the file and these changes will not be automatically reflected on other computers unless you add the changed file back into storage.

How is Loopcloud 5 different from Loopcloud 4?

We have improved search, added multi-track editing, Loopcloud instruments, cloud-storage, a whole new prettier user interface, audio effects and much more. There is also a subscription model for advanced features and monthly points. New Inspiration has been replaced with a vast catalogue of free sounds that can be searched directly from the app and downloaded with daily limits which increase with subscription levels but also let free users get 5 per day. See for full information.

How does searching work in Loopcloud 5?

 Searching from anywhere runs a global-search of both the store and your library. And we present a few results to get you started as fast as possible before interleaving 200 store results with your user library results.

You can use the new ‘filter toolbar’ to search only the store or your user library. If you search just the store you’ll get 1000 store results instead of just 200.

The filter toolbar also has an ‘Audio’ button which filters out all the non-audio content (like sampler patches) by default.

Searches now show huge gorgeous rows with pictures and waveforms (a popular request!). You can go back to small rows with loads of results on the screen by clicking the button on the right of the filter toolbar.

The search box now allows you to add tags with auto-complete. You can search entirely using the keyboard without using the mouse if you want.   You can type in a number and it will auto-complete the bpm search options as well.

Is there a compact mode?

Make the app narrow and it’ll switch to ‘compact mode’ showing you a reduced set of information in a window size that’ll run alongside your DAW. You can turn always-on-top mode on in preferences and/or have it snap to your screen edge by dragging it to the edge of your screen.

What is Loopcloud Multitrack?

Multi-track is super-cool. You can use it in two main ways:

·     As a shortlist of loops or one shots before settling on which one to use in your track.

·     As a sound-design tool for making new loops combining multiple sounds.

As a subscriber you get to use 8 tracks at once (the engine supports more but we think 8 should be about right and stops the user interface getting cluttered). Free users get 2 tracks.

You can use it for previewing sounds (in time and in key) just like previous versions of Loopcloud. But you can also rearrange sounds, create new sounds, preview only the sub-sections of audio you want, export those edited sounds and so on.

What are the Loopcloud Effects?

Click FX EDIT with a loop loaded and add effects, with modulation if you like to regions or all of your audio. It’s half-way between DAW automation and effectrix. More effects to come in the next few months but we have 6 in the current build to get you started.

Don't forget to check out our tutorials HERE for more helpful tips/tricks and videos

If you have any questions regarding Loopcloud please contact our support department via the form in our FAQ section or @