Please check you don’t have an auto time out on your system, and that you do not use a download accelerator or manager and check that your connection is constant. In some cases temporarily turning off any firewall whilst downloading helps.

It is not advisable to download large files on wireless connections as if they cut even for a brief second that will terminate the connection with the Loopmasters site and the download will be affected.

So where possible use a fixed line connection.

Please ensure you download no more than 4 products at once as downloading more than this will cause an error and your download attempts will still be counted. 
We recommend that you use Loopcloud, our new service which is not affected by download issues, and has a host of advantages for you including instant access to your purchased sounds. You can download entire products and sync your DAW to Loopcloud to instantly drag/drop the sounds you need fast.

Your purchased products are all available in Loopcloud for you to explore.

To download Loopcloud for Mac and PC, and watch tutorials please visit

If you need your downloads resetting please contact support @ with your order no and account email address explaining you need your downloads reset.