You have encountered the yellow verificartion screen! Do not worry, it's a very simple verification process. It involves you providing your real phone number and entering a code you will hear spoken. Here's how it goes.

Your purchase has triggered a few "security sensors"

We have a system in place which checks, amongst others, your IP, email domain and geographic location in screening for most common fraud / stolen card buying patterns. During your purchase you have triggered some (or all) of 

What you need to do

1. Enter your phone number.
It is important that you enter the "+" sign, your country and area code and then the phone number.

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If you are unsure about your country code, please visit this site:

2. Enter the code you hear over the phone
Once you have entered your phone number and clicked the "Submit for verification" button you will receive a phone call from an automated system. You will hear a 4-digit code. Type these 4 digits into the "Verification Code" field you see on the screen and click the Submit button

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  • You can select the language in which the code is spoken so do not worry if your English is not perfect. There is a long list of languages that you can choose from.
  •  NOTE: You can try to verify yourself three times. After the 3rd attempt your account will go into a "freeze" mode and will be unlocked manually by our support staff after positive verification from you.
3. Correct Code means you're verified
Once you provide the correct code, that's it! You will not go through this procedure any more. You can move on to your account page and download the products you've bought!

Problems with verification

You may encounter some problems during this procedure.

I didn't receive the call with the code
Please make sure you have provided the correct phone number. You can change the number by clicking the Correct The Phone Number button - you will be able to enter your phone number again. Then follow the procedure once again.

I got the code wrong three times
If you didn't enter the code correctly three times, then you will have to contact our staff at and let us know about this. We will try to sort this for you as soon as we are sure you are a legitimate customer.

I refreshed / hit the back button on the verification page and the process got messed up.
On such pages is is usually best NOT to refresh the page or backspace out of them. A little patience and about 2 extra minutes of your time solves the problem.

This is stupid and too complicated!
You got lost in the verification flow? Do not panic. If your account is frozen and you cannot access the program you paid for just contact us at We will make every possible effort to let you have what you paid for as soon as possible.

We're sorry to put you through this...

Please don't feel offended that we're making you verify yourself. The web is full of people who use stolen credit cards and hijacked accounts. We aim to counter this trend and therefore we have partnered up with a company which specialises in verifying each customer. Ultimately, it's about the security of your money.