Affiliate Rotator Banners For &

What is a Rotator Banner?

A rotator banner is a special banner that changes each time a visitor refreshes his screen or returns to a page where the banner is displayed.

What is the advantage over other affiliate banners?

Rotator Banners display current offers and promotions. Once you have uploaded the banner code to your site you will always be displaying current content deep linked to the specific web page. 

Do I need to update Rotator Banners?

No, we constantly keep the rotators updated with current promotions so that you have nothing to do.

What happens if you do not have any promotions?

Each rotator carries some backup banners which will show  if very occasionally we have nothing else running.

What sizes are available?

We have banners in 728x90, 336x280, 300x100, and 120x600

How do I get them?

First read the FAQ on finding banners to help you to understand the range we have,

Log in to your affiliate panel here. Go to ‘Banners & Links’, select the banner category you wish to use and hit ‘Apply’. You will then see the banner details displayed with the sizes in the top right hand side. To view the banners displaying now, click the text where it says ‘(Click to show rotated banners). Then click ‘Get banner code’, copy the code displayed and paste into your website. That’s it!

How can I check that my clicks are being recorded? 

Click through your link to Loopmasters or Pluginboutique and check that you get to the target page. Go to your ‘Raw Clicks’ list in ‘Reports’ and look for your own click by IP address. If you don’t know your IP, just do a ‘What is my IP’ in Google. It may take up to 10 minutes for new clicks to appear and also be aware that the system rejects multiple clicks from the same IP within 1 minute.

Need any further help?

Contact your affiliate manager here