The general commission rates are:

  •     - 20

  •  - 15% 

You will also earn a further 5% bonus when you achieve £250 of approved sales for within the current month.
The bonus is automatically credited to your account when your sales value passes £250, £500, £750, £1000 then for every further £500 up to £5000

We pay out quarterly in January, April, July and October. You can be paid by PayPal or BACCS, whichever suits you. The minimum payout is £25, although you may select a higher value if you wish. There is also a £10 signup bonus just for joining.


We will be setting up recurring affiliate commissions so that you will earn from the initial subscription, and then again at each renewal for a specified period, or until the user stops renewing. We expect that it may be Oct/Nov until this feature is available for you.

In the meantime we have set up Pay Per Click which means that you can earn 20p for every unique click to whether your visitor takes a subscription or not. As the program includes and you may also earn a commission if they subsequently buy from either of these sites. Win Win!!

As pay per click is a new feature we will be monitoring it closely and reserve the right to adjust the PPC value up or down or to withdraw this feature entirely if it is either ineffective or subject to abuse.