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  1. About Formats

  2. About Loopmasters

  3. Acceptable Use Policy

  4. Backing up your loopcloud database

  5. Bass Master System Requirements and Installation Instructions

  6. Bass Master User Guide

  7. Buying a product as a gift

  8. Can I become a Loopcloud beta tester?

  9. Commission rates and payout

  10. Delivery Policy

  11. DirectLinks, Dynamic and Deep links

  12. Download Problems

  13. Find and use the best banners for you

  14. Finding Loopcloud Windows Setup Logs

  15. Finding the log files for support

  16. Free Label Sampler Packs: Why are they £1?

  17. Free Samplepacks: What Can I Do With Them?

  18. How can I get the Loopcloud Plugins?

  19. How Can I Use The Samples?

  20. How Do I Download The Samplepack?

  21. How Do I report Illegal Piracy of Sample Packs?

  22. How Do I Unzip The Product File?

  23. How does Loopcloud work with my DAW

  24. How does the Points pricing work?

  25. How much does it cost to use Loopcloud?

  26. How to test your affiliate link

  27. I'm having login issues

  28. Install Limit Exceeded : You have reached your install limit of 2 computers

  29. Is there a dark mode?

  30. Khords User Guide

  31. Loopcloud FAQs

  32. Loopcloud User Guide

  33. Loopmasters License

  34. My 50% off Coupon Code does not work

  35. Privacy Policy

  36. Problem with logging in using Safari on Mac

  37. Refund and Cancellation Policy

  38. Refund Policy

  39. Rewards Plus Programme

  40. Rotator Banners

  41. Terms & Conditions

  42. Terms and Conditions

  43. User Content Error Codes

  44. User Verification

  45. Virtual Cash Loyalty Scheme

  46. What Exactly Am I Purchasing?

  47. What Exactly Does the ZIP (main) File Contain?

  48. What is an Affiliate

  49. What is Loopcloud?

  50. Where are my free sounds?

  51. Why have my Loopcloud points reduced when installing Loopcloud 5?

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