Find and use the best banners for you

How to find and use the best Banners for you!

We are now listing around 250 different banners in various categories and sizes, you will find the following information useful in finding the best one for you.
Firstly go to your banner manager where you will find all of the banners listed and shown full size, 30 to a page. There are several filters at the top which will help you to narrow your search. The following are the most useful:

1) Campaigns

LM Home – Loopmasters Generic Banners. These are general banners which point to the home page by default although you can redirect them to any page by using the ‘Dynamic Link’ option.
This includes Loopcloud banners which you can isolate by ticking the Loopcloud category box

PIB Home – As above for

LM Rotators – These are short term banners for Sales and promotions, mostly rotator banners which means that once you have put them up they will automatically show a different banner each time they are reloaded. We change the content as promotions expire and new ones are launched so that you will always show the latest deals. Fully described in ‘Rotator Banners’

PIB Rotators - As above for

LM Genres – This is a range of Genre specific banners so that you can target specific segments more accurately. They will link to the particular Genre page but can be directed at specific product using the ‘Direct Link’ option.

Producertech - Here you will find a selection of banners for our Music Courses which are available on both Loopmasters and Pluginboutique.   

2) Banner size
The drop down menu will display banner sizes whether or not we have banners in the listed sizes available, so please use with caution.

3) General Search
At the time of writing you need to set up your search from the ‘Custom’ filter. (I have asked for a dedicated text string search) So click ‘Add a Custom Filter’. Select ‘Description’ in the first box and ‘Is Like’ in the second. You can then put your required search string in the third.

When you have found the banner type and size you want to use just click ‘Get Banner Code’ to access the html code which just needs to be pasted into your website. Once loaded to your site the system will start to accrue banner statistics which you will find useful in assessing which banners are working best for you.
Some people prefer to just copy the banners from the Affiliate Banner manager and to paste them directly to your site. If you choose do this you will not get the banner statistics and it is important to be sure to add your affiliate code to the end of the url. I strongly recommend that you also test that the link is working as described in ‘How to test your affiliate link’

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