Affiliate Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes are available to qualifying affiliates to help them to promote affiliate referrals

 Loopmasters affiliate discount codes will help you to promote your referrals and get more commissions. To help you to understand how this works we have put together some information and tips below:

What code are you offering?

Up to 2 – 20% codes for 14 days each in the current year, single use per user excluding sale items. Codes are available at any time to affiliates with a minimum of £100 of commissions in the previous year.

How does a coupon code work?

When a visitor makes a purchase at Loopmasters they have an opportunity to enter a coupon code in the shopping cart at checkout. It is here that the discount is applied.

What does single use per user ex sale items mean?

Affiliate discount codes are set up so that any individual visitor can only use the code once based on his account reference. Also the code will not work on any item that is listed as on ‘Sale’. You can view current sale items in the sale page.

How long will the code last?

We are offering codes with a 14 day duration

How do I get one

Email your affiliate manager giving the date that you would like it to start. Please allow 5 days for us to set it up for you. You will then receive an email giving you the code and the exact dates that it will be active.

Can it be given a name relevant to my website?

We will give it a title up to 5 characters which we will try to make relevant to your site. Please state any preference.

Will the code be exclusive to me?

Each code will only be given to the qualifying affiliate, but you need to understand that anyone could use it so it is important that you use it carefully to promote and encourage referrals from your website, social pages or promotional emails linked to Loopmasters.

How do I get a commission from a code?

You don’t! The commission comes from a sale following a referral from your website or other media. Be sure that wherever you post the code, you include a link to or with your affiliate tracking link included.

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