Loopcloud Store - Browsing and purchasing Products

You can view a whole product in Loopcloud by clicking on the product image - this may be from the Store front page, or clicking on the image to the left of the preview player when viewing your search results. 

You'll see the whole product with all folders of samples. We also show you the product information - some text about the pack and the details of what's inside. 

Open up some folders and you can browse the sounds. 

On the right hand side you can see the option to buy the single selected file for 25 points.

If you select a folder you can buy all sounds in the folder for 500 points. 

Or you can buy the whole pack for 2995 points.

If you buy a single sound or folder we will reduce the price of the pack or folder to take account for the points you have already spent. So if I buy the folder for 500 points, the pack can be completed for 2495 points.


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