Loopcloud Store - Searching and purchasing single sounds

There are a number of ways in which you can search the Loopcloud store

Text Search
Write anything into the search box. You will be presented with results from the whole Loopcloud store library - files with that search term in their file name, tagged with that search term, or a pack with that search term in the pack title.

Here I have searched for Break

Tag Search 
Click on any of the tag categories to open the tag viewer. Then choose a tag. 

You will be given all the files tagged DRUM in the Loopcloud store library. 

You can then add additional tags, select LOOP or ONESHOT, or combine with a text search

As you add more tags to the search filter, Loopcloud will rescan the library and give you more and more detailed results, allowing you to 'drill down' until you find the perfect sound.
When you have found the perfect sound, then you can buy it for a small amount of points.

Click the BUY FILE button and loopcloud will automitcally add the sound your library and download the file ready to drag and drop it into your DAW project.

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