Loopcloud Store - Introduction

Loopcloud store allows you to search and purchase any sound from our library of millions of samples, from thousands of packs.

Click on the store icon to open the store and view the store front page.

You will be presented with a selection products for you to browse. 

Click on the product image to view the product, and / or click on the play icon to listen to the demo track.

Once you have clicked on the product you will be taken to the product page where you can view the full product and listen to all the samples.

Click on any file to listen to the preview. 

Low Quality Preview with Noise
All files in the store have some additional noise added to them. Files will sound noisier (we've added enveloped white noise) and have bird song overlayed. This noise should be subtle enough to allow you to hear the sound as close as it is to the original. Once you've bought the sounds you will be able to here the sound in it's original clean format. 

Buying a sound
To purchase a sound, click on the BUY FILE button. Most loops are 25 points and one shots are 15 points.

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