Preferences - Account, Options, Audio settings etc

Click on the cog icon to open preferences 

There are 3 tabs. 

Options -  Account
Here you can change your account details. For example if you have changed your Loopmasters password. 
If you have forgotten your password you can request a new one. 

Options - Library Location
When you drag and drop files out of Loopcloud the file will automatically download and saved to the default library folder. If you want to change this folder (perhaps you want it on a secondary HDD), the select the location here. 

NOTE: Depending on what DAW or music software you are using, the sample may be copied into your project folder, or the project will reference the file to Loopcloud's Library Folder. You may need to do a special save where the DAW copies the file to the project, or if you didn't do that, you'll need to set your DAW to search in the new library location for the missing sample. 

NOTE: Changing the location does not move the content, but you can copy and paste all the content from your old location to the new one. Do this before change the location.

Options - Colour Scheme

Here are a few alternative colour schemes. 

Options - Auto-download small purchases

When purchasing sounds, Loopcloud will download all small files once purchased.

Options- Enable Logging 

You shouldn’t need to use this! But if you are having technical issues and are in contact with support, then turn this on and we can get some diagnostics from you. 

Options - Formats Omitted from Search
Here you can tailor what content types are displayed in your search results. You can use this only see files relevant to your DAW software and plugins  – e.g. if you use only Ableton Live and Apple Logic X, then you can disable all Reason and Cubase instrument files.

Install Directories for Plugin Presets

Loopcloud can install plug-in presets so that they will work with your plug-in without any manual installation.

Currently supported are Native Instruments Massive, Xfer Serum and Lennar Digital Sylenth. We’ll be adding more in the future. We’ve already selected the default locations for these plug-ins, but if you have installed them on a different drive or folder, then click on the ... box to select the location manually.

Preferences - Audio

Select your audio interface, output channels and sample rate.
You can also test the audio output - it will play a lovely sine wave.

NOTE: When you are using the Loopcloud plugin, Loopcloud previews are output from the DAW. The audio settings are only applied when using Loopcloud in standalone mode.

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