Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are the keyboard shortcuts for Loopcloud
Space Start/stop play
Shift-Space Restart playback
. (fullstop) Stop playback
ctrl/cmd-D Download selection (will make it available offline). Downloads can be queued when offline and will download when Internet connectivity is next available. Downloads can be cancelled from the menu in the top right. You can download individual files, folders, sample packs or absolutely everything if you have enough disk space. Loopcloud works offline when files are downloaded.
ctrl/cmd-I Install selection - for supported sampler and synth preset formats
ctrl/cmd-B Add to favourites (bookmark!)
ctrl/cmd + shift B Remove from favourites
A - Z Tags can be assigned to the letters A to Z. Right click on the tag in the Tag Cloud view to assign the shortcut. Pressing the key will then assign the tag to the selected items.
ctrl/cmd + shift C Copy tags from item. Advanced: If multiple items are selected then the tags will be copied from all items, and paste will only paste the tags to items with the same name. This is useful for copying tags from a bunch of WAV files to say RX2 files with the same names.
ctrl/cmd + shift V Paste tags to item.
ctrl/cmd + shift T Jump to tag entry box
ctrl/cmd + shift E Open/close the properties window
You can assign tags to keys. Pressing the key will automatically assign the tag to the selected files. Right click on a tag in the Tag Manager to select the keyboard shortcut.

ctrl/cmd-, (comma) Open preferences

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