Downloading Sounds to your DAW or HDD

Loopcloud streams audio in a preview quality version, this compressed file is much smaller than the high quality version so it’s quick to stream to your PC. When you want the to hear the full quality version and then use it in your music software, then you need to download the file to your computer. 

• Press the download HQ file button
• Wait for the download to complete 
• Then you can drag out either the original version of the file or processed version - with any timestretch, pitchshift or patterns added. This works for all .wav, .aiff, rx2 and .mp3 files - i.e. ones that can be previewed. 

NOTE: If you change the tempo, key or add a pattern to your sound, dragging the PROCESSED button will always give you the file in the state that these settings are. So e.g. if you want the same file with various patterns, you can change the pattern and drag each version into your DAW.

For all other files, such as MIDI files, you can drag the file out once it’s downloaded. 

Once the files have been downloaded, you can drag them to your DAW - onto an audio or MIDI track, or directly into a sampler or drum machine. 

You can also drag the files into a folder on your HDD, but note that the files will also be stored in the loopcloud library location.

To see where the file is, right click on the file and select Show in Finder (OSX) or Show in Explorer (Windows)

If you want to download multiple files at once, or whole folder, or even your entire Loopcloud library then you can. You would want to do this if you are going to be without internet access. Right-click on a file or folder and select Download in background. 

Loopcloud allows you to drag out multiple files at a time, but only if they are downloaded first. For example you may want 64 percussions sounds to drag into your drum sampler. 

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