The tag editor and creating your own tags

If you are searching through your library and want to add or edit tags, first select one file or multiple files or folders then press the pencil button to open the tag editor. Selecting multiple files or folders will allow you to make changes to all selected files

Here you will see several bars with headings. Double click in a bar to fully open it, or click and drag to resize it. 

Edit Key 

Chose a root note by clicking a note on the keyboard. Chose a scale by clicking Major or Minor. It is recommended that you select only 1 key per file.

Edit BPM
Enter the BPM here. You can select an BPM, with or without decimals, between 1 and 999 BPM.

Current Tags

All the tags for the selected file are displayed. If multiple files are selected, then more brightly tags apply to all files, and the dimly lit tags apply to some, but not all the files. 

In this example, looking at the instrument tags, all files are tagged with ELECTRIC GUITAR. Some, but not all, are tagged BASS, CHORD, and LEAD

To remove a tag, click on the X. 

To add a tag, start typing in the text box and it will auto-complete with suggestions

Creating Your Own Tags
Creating your own user tags have a number of interesting uses. You may want to add more details to the existing tagging, e.g. you’ve got some guitar samples, but want to tag some as CLEAN and some as DISTORTED, then you can add these user tags to enrich your library with this data. Or you may want to tag some sounds that you want to use for a future production session. If you're going to do some sessions with BRIAN or BORIS, then you can add these people as tags.

To add your own tag:

Navigate to the bottom of the tag editor window and double click or drag up the TAG MANAGER heading.

• First make sure you have selected where you want to add the tag. You cannot create a new tag if you have not first clicked on a folder. 
• Name the Tag 
• Choose a colour
• Press SAVE to add the tag

• If you add the tag to the wrong place, you can drag and drop it to a new folder. 
• Factory tags cannot be edited or dragged. 
• You can add tags to a selected file or folder directly from the tag manager by holding your mouse to the right of the tag and selecting SET or REMOVE 

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