Advanced Search

Text Search

Case insensitive. Just enter some text to use this search. It searches the file name, including the extension, but not including the folder name. 

Boolean Search 

Use AND, OR, NOT and parentheses to refine your search. 
e.g. Reggae AND NOT Drum kick OR (tom AND low) 

BPM Search 

Search by bpm, e.g. bpm:120-124 

Tag Search  

You can use text to search for tags, e.g. tag:House 

Tags with spaces need to be in quotes, including the tag: prefix, e.g. “tag:Deep House” 

Searching for a tag includes all the sub-tags in the hierarchy of tags. So searching for tag:House includes all types of house music, and searching for NOT tag:Garage will show all samples not tagged with the Garage genre. 

e.g. exacttag:House if you really only want to see items with the specific tag of house.

Folder Name Search 

These are case insensitive, e.g. folder:drums 
Again, use quotes around the whole thing if you need spaces in there, e.g. “folder:drum loops”

Regular Expressions - Power Users!

Nerd friendly and powerful. They let you perform magic. You can find all the files with WAV extensions that start with the word BASS and contain a number in the file name. If you can think of it regular expressions can do it. Regular expressions are also case sensitive, unlike our other kinds of search.


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