How files are tagged

All files in Loopcloud have already been tagged with useful information that will help you quickly and efficiently find the sound you are looking for.


This is the full file name. 


Click the heart icon to favourite the file so it appears in your favourites list. Full hearts have been added to Favourites, empty hearts have not. 


State shows two icons, a HDD symbol and a cloud symbol, denoting whether the file is in the cloud (i.e. not on your computer), on your HDD, or both. To get the file onto your computer, right-click and select download (this works for single files, multiple selected files, or single or multiple folders. Or press CMD+ D / CTRL D to download the file. 


Shows the BPM. Only Loops should have a BPM. The BPM value is used to accurately time-stretch the file to match your DAW tempo. Files with no BPM will not time-stretch 


Shows the key or root note, and whether in a major or minor key. 


Tags organised into the following categories: 

• Instruments 
• Formats (e.g. WAV or RX2, Sampler Patch or MIDI file)
• Genres 
• Labels 
• Additional 


This is a tag category for when you want to add your own descriptive tags  

The size of the file (in Bytes)

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