The Loopcloud browser

All the packs you have bought from and the Loopcloud store will appear in the browser, organised into folders.

If you’ve never bought any content from us, we’ve given you some free content to get you started - over a gigabyte of samples from various Loopmasters packs. 

In the main view all your sounds are organised in folders - just like looking browsing in Windows Explorer or OSX Finder. 

Use your mouse or press up, down and left, right to navigate and open and close folders. 

You can also right-click a folder and choose Show sub-folders or Expand all to open all folders and view all files within that folder.

Every file in your Loopcloud library will display it's given tags and other information. Folders display an overview of the tags of all the files within that folder. If the tag is bright, then all files in that folder have that tag, if the tag is dim, then there are some files with that tag, but not all of them have it.

In the picture above, the dim CLAP and SNARE tags on the folder indicate that the folder has both claps and snares, but is not entirely clap or snare. Whereas the Atmospheres folder above, all files have the ATMOSPHERE tag, and some have the AMBIENCE tag.

When viewing a single file, you get all the tags for that file, plus additional information such as the BPM, file size.

All columns can be resized and reordered to suit your preference of which information you want to see, and to fit your screen or window size. Drag the boarder of each column to resize or reorder, and right-click to show or hide more information about the file / folders.

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