Loopcloud Plugin - Use Loopcloud with your DAW

If you are using Loopcloud with your DAW software, then you really should be using the Loopcloud plugin!  It will massively  improves your workflow and offers great ways to preview sounds in context with your track.

Open your DAW, and load the Loopcloud plug-in onto an instrument track 

Once the plugin is loaded in your DAW, Loopcloud will automatically connect to the plugin. You can see this in Loopcloud - the button with the lightning bolt will turn blue, and the connected DAW is shown. 
Loopcloud is now connected and in sync with Ableton Live, or whichever DAW you are using. When you start the transport in your DAW, Loopcloud will automatically play your preview in time with the DAW tempo. 

Most DAWs have an auto-load or a template project. Add Loopcloud to a channel in this auto-load project, so every time you open a new project Loopcloud is ready waiting for you.

You can use the Loopcloud plugin as a simple ‘in-sync’ sample preview, but you can use it like any other plugin, so add some FX after, route it to a drum bus - hear your previews in context with the rest of your track. You can have lots of fun with adding creative FX to the Loopcloud channel. 

If your DAW has the feature, route the output of the Loopcloud channel (with or without additional FX) to an audio channel. You can now record the Loopcloud preview directly as an audio file. Or try switching between samples in Loopcloud, in real time, or choosing different patterns. Record the output for using in your track. 

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