Installation and System requirements

System Requirements 

Mac OSX 
• OSX 10.10 and later 
• 64 bit application with and 32 and 64 bit plugins Windows
Windows PC 
• Windows 8 and later 
• 32 bit and 64 bit support 

Internet Connection  

When you first start Loopcloud, you need to be connected to the internet so that you can log in and download the database of your sounds. (This is a list of all the sounds and tags – you can download the sounds themselves later). 

You can use Loopcloud offline once the database download is complete, but only sounds downloaded to your local disk will be available. 

Loopcloud works best if you have a fast (10 mbps or better) internet connection. The performance when listening to previews and downloading sounds is all related to the speed of your internet connection. So please bear this in mind. 


The speed of search results will be dependent on the size of your sample library and how powerful your computer is. Here’s a rough guide to performance: 

Note that you may want to exceed the recommended specification if you have heavy DAW sessions running simultaneously with Loopcloud. 

Licensing and Limitations

You can use Loopcloud on up to two machines that you own. If you require Installation on more than 2 machines, then you will need to contact support. All sounds and samples in Loopcloud are covered by the Loopmasters Licence.

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