Previewing sounds - with timestretch, pitchshift and patterns

Loopcloud will allow you to preview any sound in your Loopcloud library. The sounds are streamed in 'Preview Quality', so they are quick to load and stream from the cloud to your computer. - Note that when want to use a sound, you can download the high quality original. 

You can use Loopcloud standalone, or synced to your DAW via the Loopcloud plugin. When in standalone the preview is output from the audio interface selected in Loopcloud preferences, and when you are using the plugin the audio is output from the track in your DAW. 

Loopcloud supports preview of .wav .aiff, .rx2 and mp3 files. These automatically play when you select them from the browser. 

Click on the transport controls or press space bar to start, stop, re-start the preview and use the volume slider to change preview volume. 

Sounds with a BPM value can be timestretched (from 40 to 240BPM). 

Click and drag (or double-click) the number in the BPM box to change the BPM of the sound. 
Press x2 or /2 to double or half the playback speed.

You can also right click here and select Lock tempo and all loops will play at that tempo.

Note that if you are connected to the Loopcloud plugin in your DAW, then the BPM value is automatically locked to your DAW tempo. 

Pitch shift samples

Use the Pitch slider to transpose the sound to match the key of your track. You can shift + or – 12 semitones. Loopcloud will retain the original tempo of the file and pitch shift the file by your desired amount of semitones.

Auto Key

If you know the key of your DAW project, select that key in the pitch drop down menu, then press the AUTO KEY button. All sounds, no matter their original key, will be pitch shifted to match the key of your project.

Preview with Patterns

Loopcloud offers a number of rhythmic patterns so that you can choose to listen to your sounds in context. You may want to hear a hi-hat repeated every 16th, or a clave play a rhythmic pattern, or you can have a sound repeat once a bar, or once a beat etc - good for experimenting with loops. 

Select AUTO to play the sound all the way through before repeating. Loopcloud will repeat the sound on the closest next bar. 

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