How to get your weekly free samples

The NEW INSPIRATION FROM LOOPMASTERS folder contains all the new free content that you can add to your Loopcloud library.

You'll see a load of folders with a star icon.

These folders will only be in your Loopcloud account for 14 days, so grab them while you can!!

To add a folder you first need to open the folder and view the content inside - click on any file to hear the preview.

The + button will add the files to your library.
The Cart icon will open your web browser to view the pack on the Loopmasters product page.
Click on the + button to add the file to your Loopmasters Library
Once you've added it, the folder will change from a star icon to a folder icon. - you may need to scroll down to find the folder, but it's the one that is selected.

Now you can drag and drop this file into your DAW project or download the file to your HDD by pressing CTRL / CMD + D. 

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